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World Porridge Day 2019

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Calling all Porridge lovers- its World Porridge Day!! While this might not seem like the most exciting day of the year to the average person, for us in the office its certainly a day to be celebrated. With all its health benefits and versatility, we have condensed our love for porridge down into three key reasons- enjoy!

1) zzzzzzz….

Have trouble sleeping?  Forget sleeping pills and pillow spray, porridge is the way forward! Studies have found that a nice warm bowl of porridge before bed will help you drift off into a nice deep sleep, which is, as I am sure you can agree, an absolute essential for a positive and productive day ahead. 

2) Versatility

Don’t fancy/like porridge? Absolutely no problem. Aside from porridge, porridge oats can be rustled up into a number of yummy treats. Some of our favourites are oat smoothies for when you are on the go and need a quick pick me up, or oat flapjacks to enjoy with a cuppa at the end of a hard day- put your feet up and enjoy! Our go to oats at the moment are definitely the Scottish Porridge Oats from Nairn’s, which are also gluten free!

3) Health is wealth

One of porridge’s biggest attractions has got to be the health benefits, and as a natural health specialist agency, we are definitely enticed. The list of health benefits is endless, but to target a few, oats are very rich in antioxidants, important vitamins and minerals and are therefore among the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat. If that doesn’t convince you, porridge is also extremely filling, stopping you from reaching for that biscuit tin!

Carrying on from our love for porridge, I put my reporter hat on and asked some of the girls in the office what their favourite porridge toppings are… 

Reem: ‘I don’t really like to mix cold with hot, so tend not to go for a fruity topping. Cinnamon alone is enough for me!’

Becca: (our newest Intern from the US) ‘wait, that’s oatmeal right? I like to keep it simple with some nuts and honey’ 

Melissa: ‘I also like to keep it simple with some blueberries’ 

Rachel: ‘I mainly go for a handful of raisins, but sometimes will also go for a scoop of blackcurrant jam- strictly blackcurrant jams only though! If I’m feeling adventurous, I might add a scoop of Greek yoghurt.’

So there you have it, the three key reasons as to why we love porridge and an insight into how we like to enjoy our porridge here in the office. We hope you agree with us, and if you didn’t, we hope you do now- Happy World Porridge Day everyone!

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