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The Value of Planning in Lifestyle PR

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When planning your next Lifestyle PR campaign in the beauty, lifestyle, food & drink or health sectors, CCD PR & Digital can add value through our 30 years of experience undertaking successful, award-winning PR and digital campaigns in these sectors:

Here’s our checklist for planning a successful campaign:

Lifestyle PR Audience

When starting to plan your PR campaign, it’s vital to understand who your audience is. Whether it’s the trade, retail buyers, consumers, healthcare professionals or clinicians, knowing exactly who you want to target will help us to establish who your media audience should be. Often campaigns are across several different audiences, so the information for each needs to be specially tailored to that audience.


Once we have established which groups you are talking to, we can work with you on your positioning, in other words, how your audiences are going to perceive you. This positioning is different for every brand and will help us to communicate the heart and soul of who you are and create an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand.

Key Messages

Key messages will then be developed to support your positioning and in a tone of voice which appeals to your audience.  Key message development is essential as it they provide consistency through all elements of your campaign collateral.

Lifestyle PR Strategy

It sounds so obvious but it’s essential to have a good lifestyle PR strategy in place that both the PR agency and the client is on board with. This will bring to life the tactics we believe will work best to deliver your objectives and highlight the key themes we will focus on throughout the year and how we intend to support these.  Make sure that, before creating a strategy, decide on the primary goal, and then determine the tactics, eg:

  • Goal: sell more products
  • Strategy: show consumers that your products can be trusted to fill a particular need/desire better than any others
  • Tactics: create coverage with third-party recommendation from experts and users
  • Collateral – Once we have our solid plan in place, we will move on to building your assets. This collateral is unique to each campaign or product launch, but might include:
    • The development of a press kit
    • Photography
    • Recruiting and briefing an expert
    • Writing press releases / creating content plans
    • Influencer marketing
    • Event launches
    • Case study development
    • Expert quotes
    • Case studies


We believe in the power of creating thoughtful content, often developed in collaboration with an expert. Content can include releases, by-lined articles, features, thought leadership articles, customer case studies and more. Bear in mind that media titles have fewer staff than ever before, with journalists often working across multiple titles in a publishing house, so the provision of good quality content that is page-ready will help to drive media coverage opportunities.

Media relations

Our teams have excellent contacts across our core sector media and for each campaign, we carefully map out our target media and how we will approach them. Effective media relations is the cornerstone of a good PR campaign and we have exceptional knowledge of what journalists want and need day-in, day-out, making sure you never miss out on a healthy slice of the coverage pie.

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