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Michael Norman Ratcliffe

Podiatrist, Michael Norman Ratcliffe FFPM RCPS (Glasg), FCPM, MCPod., B.Sc. (Podiatry), M.Sc. (Health Research), Cert. Ed.
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Michael qualified as a podiatrist from the University of Brighton in 1989 and has clinical experience working in the National Health Service specialising in lower limb gait rehabilitation following trauma. Michael also has commercial and industrial experience, delivering a podiatry offer within a national pharmacy setting in the UK and working for a foot orthotics manufacturer in the USA; academic experience, as a Lecturer in Podiatry (Anatomy and Pathomechanics) and Head of School at the Birmingham School of Podiatry.

Michael’s academic interests centre on researching the mechanical behaviour of the heel fibro-fatty padding within the gait cycle and offering clinical solutions to heel pain.

Currently, Michael has been appointed as Sales Training Manager for Cuxson Gerrard & Co. Ltd, providing sales and training support around the use of Cuxson Gerrard’s podiatry market offer to the NHS and private sector clinicians and Cuxson Gerrard’s Carnation Footcare products to pharmacies and the public.

He also supports research into and development of products for clinical use for Cuxson Gerrard. Michael continues to work, part time in private practise.

Michael’s personal interests centre around hiking, 4th- 8thC British history and 80s music.

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