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Dale Pinnock- The Medicinal Chef

Nutritionist, Herbalist & Medicinal Chef
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Dale Pinnock, aka the Medicinal Chef, is a food writer specialising in the medicinal properties of food.  He has published a number of successful books, as well as appearing on popular TV shows. 

Dale Pinnock aka The Medicinal Chef, is World Renowned Health and Wellbeing Expert, Nutritionist, Chef and Bestselling author of multiple books, his current top rated recipe book “Eat Shop Save” is still at the top of the Amazon charts ahead of Jamie Oliver. The other books include the very popular Medicinal Chef: Eat your Way to Better Health and the Guild of Food Writers award-winning Eat Your Way to Better Health, The Medicinal Chef: Healthy Every Day and The Power of Three; a ground-breaking series of books to target specific ailments – diabetes, depression, heart disease and digestion.

Dale is known as the real voice for healthy eating in the UK with the degrees to prove his knowledge and ultimately giving “the health stamp” to brands worldwide. Why is he so popular? Unlike other health gurus, he separates fact from fiction and underpins all he does with real facts ra-ther than fad. He is also the go to health expert for The Today Show, This Morning, Lorraine, Ireland AM and The Alan Titchmarsh Show as well as many others.

The Second Series of his ITV show Eat Shop Save is on at the moment every Thursday evening. Eat Shop Save is the ITV prime time TV show that proved a massive hit last year. It is aimed at cutting household stress, improving diet and saving cash! Dale Pinnock is the go-to health expert who is on hand to help adults and kids of all ages learn how to ditch the chip fryers and create healthier alternatives to recipes that still taste as good as before.

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