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Half of Brits are Secret Snackers

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Almost half of UK employees keep their work place snack habits a secret from their partners and a fifth lie about their snack and meal choices at work, according to research. If you’re in need of some healthy tweaks to your workplace diet, so you don’t feel the need to shy away from what you’ve consumed, check out our top tips below…

1. Enjoy what you’re eating
Take time to enjoy your lunch. Eating when you’re on the go, and especially if you’re stressed can result in you mindlessly eating. When you eat slowly you are less likely to overeat. We now know that it takes 20 minutes for your brain to register that you are full. So if you eat slowly you will end up eating less food because your brain will tell you that you have had enough. If you eat quickly, you can consume a lot more food than you actually need before your brain realises.

2. Be mindful when it comes to sugar
People who are pre-diabetic, diabetic, overweight and obese in particular need to be mindful of their sugar intake. Go for snacks that satisfy your sweet tooth but contain some fibres, so that you can slow down its absorption and it doesn’t get stored as fat. Popcorn, or peanut butter with apple slices are some of our favourite options here in the office!

3. Don’t ‘save yourself’ before a meal out
We’re all guilty of doing this – don’t miss meals leading up to eating out, for example don’t miss lunch thinking that it is going to be helpful in avoiding extra calories because you are eating out that evening. If you miss meals, your body will think there is a shortage of food, slow down your metabolism and hold on tight to your fat stores.

5. Opt out of emotional eating
If you’re feeling a bit low, are you more inclined to add extra cheese and have a few extra biscuits? When you do get a craving, stop and think, are you really hungry or are you eating for the comfort that you think it’ll give you? Think of other ways to change that feeling rather than food, maybe a chinwag on the phone with a friend or a dog walk.

6. H20, H20, H20!
Water can make you feel more energised and alert. Staying hydrated throughout the day can also help deter you from mindless snacking. Often we can feel hungry, when actually it may be that we are dehydrated. Drinking a glass of water in between meals may help reduce snacking.

7. Dippy eggs for me please
Always remember that just as important as having breakfast itself, it’s also vital to choose healthy breakfast options such as wholegrain cereals like porridge, organic ‘live’ natural dairy products like yogurt, organic eggs and fruit. Sugar-laden cereals will cause your blood sugar to rise sharply and drop quite quickly, making you feel hungrier quickly.


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