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7 Top Self Care Tips

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It is so easy to neglect taking care of ourselves, whether that is due to being busy, stress at work or taking on other people’s problems.  With time always seemingly flying by, when can we press the pause button? Trying to set aside a bit of time aside for yourself, is a start.

It’s important to build a self-care toolkit that works for you. We’ve rounded up a few things that we like to do that can be applied to your self-care practice…

  1. Have a pamper sesh – Treat your skin to a face mask, light some pretty scented candles and run yourself a hot bubble bath. This home-made spa will have you feeling relaxed in no time!
  2. Do a digital detox – Sometimes we get far too immersed in the social media world, where the majority of people post merely a highlight reel of their life. You may be surprised with how much extra time you have on your hands when you have a digital detox- giving you more time to focus on YOURSELF and less time comparing your life with someone else’s!
  3. Whack out a workout – It is amazing how much your mood can be elevated after a solid workout due to the release of endorphins.  You also feel more in control and powerful – the saying ‘Look good, feel good’ comes to mind!
  4. Have an early night – Hitting the hay earlier can make a world of difference to both your levels of productivity and your general mentality the next day.
  5. Have a spring clean – Not only does it make the room look more spacious but having a clear out helps to clear your mind too! I don’t know about you, but for us, this is an incredibly satisfying thing to do.
  6. Write in a journal – A journal is a fabulous way to vent about any niggling thoughts in your head.  Or, it can be a relaxing way to simply jot down your current thoughts, ideas and opinions. It’s so interesting to read over your journal entries from years ago to see what has changed, what you have to be grateful for and how far you’ve come.
  7. Read a book – Reading a book is a great way of temporarily escaping the outside world and there is no greater feeling than when you are hooked on a storyline, turning every page in anticipation.
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