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Lock down = mental wellbeing up

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It seems that social isolation has made us take our mental health a little more seriously with many of us turning to tech apps and websites to support our mental wellbeing.

A recent report by Sensor Tower revealed that more than 2,500 meditation apps have come onto the market since 2015, with those at the top of generating more than $195 million in revenue — a 52% increase in comparison to 2018.

According to Google, the number of searches around yoga and meditation apps, like ‘yoga for beginners app’ and ‘mindfulness apps’ have also increased by 65% year on year, so it’s little surprise that more than 52 million users downloaded the top 10 meditation apps in 2019.

Here are our favourites:

One of the first to come onto the scene, headspace now claims to have over two million paid subscribers. They have worked on reaching a wider audience through creative brand collaborations and partnerships such as Barbie, Sesame Street, British Airways, Hyatt, Hotels, SXSW, Nike Run Club and Casper.

Their Sleep Stories, many read by celebrities are a favorite amongst many. Calm now boasts more than one million paying customers. Similarly to Headspace they have also diversified and partnered with like-minded brands such as Samsung, American Airlines, Sonos, Uber, XpresSpa and more, has been diversifying its offering to tap into growing wellness verticals such as sleep.

This is a music-driven meditation experience and looks similar to many music apps., The service enables participants to share graphics featuring lyrics from the songs they have meditated to across social media platforms.

Another relaxation mind app that works with music. It uses electronic music for a modernised approach and claims to improve sleep patterns, help you relax and enhance focus to learn.

New competitors are coming onto the market offer a counsellor, coach or therapist in your back pocket. Like these therapists, the online app boasts a tailored approach that adapts to users’ learning preferences.

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