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Top Tips to Plastic-free Beauty

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As a society, our collective over-use of plastic is a huge problem for the planet, but cutting down on personal plastic use can be easier said than done, especially when it comes to beauty.  So many makeup and skincare products come housed in shiny plastic containers that often end up in the bin.

Thanks to raised awareness of plastic pollution, many brands are becoming more environmentally aware and are making real steps into using less plastic which is great. If you’re keen to try and use less plastic in your beauty routine, here are a few easy steps to get you started on your plastic-free beauty journey:

Start recycling the plastic products you have.

This is a great start. You might be surprised at how many beauty products are actually recyclable. Checking with sites like Recycle Now to find out more information about your local recycling guidelines is great practice, to ensure that you’re recycling products in the correct way and not contributing to more waste. For example, shampoo bottles should be rinsed out completely, while hand soap bottles should have their pump removed thrown in the bin before being recycled.

Switch to products without packaging.

Even better than buying plastic beauty, ditch plastic completely with a few simple swaps. Try using washable cloths and muslins to take off makeup instead of cotton pads or wipes and switch to solid soap bars instead of shower gel in plastic bottles. Great options are the Shampoo Bars .Other beauty products like mascara might seem too essential to get rid of completely, but maybe it’s time to treat yourself to an eyelash tint or extensions? Who said going plastic free couldn’t be fun!

…or products you can refill and reuse!

Moving to glass jars and bottles is often the simplest way to reduce the amount of plastic lining your bathroom shelves.  Glass can also be better for beauty products as it can shield them from light and air, keeping them fresher for longer.Additionally, some brands offer recycle and reuse programs, where you can take in your empty packaging to get refills or a fresh product. For example, natural brand Lyonsleaf provides refills for their glass-bottled facial oils, and for every 5 empty lipstick tubes you return to Mac, you’ll get a brand new one, which is probably the best recycling incentive there is for beauty junkies like us!

Finally, remember that converting to a plastic-free beauty routine isn’t something that needs to be done overnight, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself as it can get overwhelming quickly. Simply educating yourself to be able to make more informed and conscientious decisions when investing in brands and products is a great start. If we were all a little more conscious it could make a huge difference!

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